Thank you for your kind words, William. It really makes me happy to know that my writing is making a positive impact on people! 😊

I once interviewed with a hiring manager who confessed to me that he feels like an impostor. This, coming from a super-smart dude who knew his stuff. I couldn't help but be impressed by his candour. I think that anyone who is remotely good at what they do suffers from Impostor Syndrome, and that's okay. Because it keeps us on our toes, and doesn't let us for one second take for granted what we have. Honestly, I often find that the people who sound the most cocky when they talk about tech tend to be the most ignorant. Not always...but often enough...

All that to say that I know exactly how you feel re: your k8s struggles. All I can say is keep at it, and ask lots of questions. That's how I got through. Heck, that's how I continue to get through. My goodness...the number of questions I ask my DevOps and SRE friends is insane. But it makes for great discussions, and in the end, we both come out learning more about a particular topic.

So...if you have any questions on a particular topic, please do feel free to comment on the post, and I'll do my best to answer!

Hope you had a nice long weekend!

I push the boundaries of software delivery by learning from smart people who challenge the status quo. Former corporate automaton.

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