The only reason why I don't consider TF to be IaD in spite of being declarative is the statefile. I. updated the post to make that a little more clear, as I can see why the original write-up would be confusing.

You're right that you end up in a weird chicken-and-egg thing if you use a tool like Crossplane to provision a k8s cluster, as you already need a k8s cluster with Crossplane installed. Crossplane came up with a solution called Upbound ( to address that. I played around with it a bit, and it's pretty neat.

In terms of security and tenant isolation in cluster creation and app deployment, a GitOps tool like ArgoCD ( can definitely help with that. You can define policies that allow only certain people or teams to deploy to certain clusters or even namespaces, if I recall correctly. And if you really want to bump up your namespace game, you may want to consider looking into hierarchical namespaces, which were released in 2020 (

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